Bring AmeriCorps to My Community

AmeriCorps provides people-power. AmeriCorps programs funded through our office recruit a team of AmeriCorps members to provide direct service to build or improve communities and generate volunteers to support their efforts. Educational institutions (local school districts, intermediate school districts, colleges, universities, etc.), local government entities, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for an AmeriCorps program.

We host two funding competitions annually:

  1. The fall competition is geared towards programs that are ready to have "boots on the ground" to provide their service in the community (this is called an operational grant).
  2. The spring competition is dependent on available funding, it is geared towards organizations that one to take a year to develop their operational grant (this is called a planning grant).

If you would like to talk to someone on our team to see if your program would be a fit for AmeriCorps, please email or call (720) 610-6012. Additionally, subscribe to our newsletter here to receive notification of open grant opportunities.