State Service Plan

2022-2025 State Service Plan


Colorado’s State Service Plan informs Serve Colorado’s programming, strategic partnerships, and member placement by articulating principles that help us serve Coloradans most effectively. The 2022-2025 strategic plan prioritizes Leading with Equity and Inclusion, Engaging our Partner Network, Developing the Future Workforce, and Telling our Story. By creating programs that welcome and support service members, effectively improve communities, and generate opportunities for members and beneficiaries alike, Serve Colorado strengthens our state through service and volunteerism.

Developing every three years, the State Service Plan is a living document that enables Serve Colorado to be responsive to the needs of the community through an annual review and goal-setting process. The strategic planning process was led by a committee of the Governor’s Commission on Community Service and informed by past learnings including: 

The 2021 Serve Colorado Needs Assessment

Governor Polis' Key Issues

The 2022-2026 AmeriCorps Strategic Plan

The 2009 Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act

Previous State Service Plan