Health and Social Services

Enroll for Health Colorado

A program of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Division of Insurance. Assist with outreach across Colorado to individuals - largely undocumented individuals - who will be newly eligible for state-subsidized health insurance coverage through Colorado's Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise. 

Program Manager Contact Information: Laurel Broten,

Colorado Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise


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Mountain Roots Healthy Futures

Improves food security and nutrition in underserved communities by providing education, expanding access to local food, and addressing capacity issues. 

Program Manager Contact Information: Lyndie Kenlon,

Mountain Roots Healthy Futures


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Public Health Works!

A program of Trailhead Institute in collaboration with Colorado Public Health Workforce Collective. Provide technical assistance and capacity building support for local and state public health agencies and organizations across Colorado through the Community Health Worker registered apprenticeship. Perform data and landscape analyses in order to build a roadmap to modernize the Colorado public health system.

Program Manager Contact Information: Kristy Beachy-Quick,

Trailhead institute


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Rural Alliance for Dignity

A program of La Puente Home, Inc. Helps increase access to resources in rural communities by serving at a homeless shelter, food pantries, schools, and more.

Program Manager Contact Information: Alicia Salazar,

Rural Alliance for Dignity Serving Colorado


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Spark Health Corps

Provide mental wellness counseling and education to vulnerable K-12 students at public charter schools throughout Colorado, with a specific focus on middle schools.

Program Manager Contact Information: Barb Knapp,

Spark the Change Colorado Empowering Changemakers. Igniting Service.


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TeamUP AmeriCorps

A program of United Way of Southwest Colorado. Supports family well being through coaching on early literacy, providing food, and mentoring children after school.

Program Manager Contact Information: Al Huckins,

Team UP Southwest Colorado


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