Colorado Healthcare Corps


Three photos of individuals working in health care settings. A medical professional stands next to a women in a bed. Another helps a patient in a walker. And a third smiles while listening to his colleague.

Colorado Healthcare Corps, a program of Community Resource Center, is providing critical support to the state’s healthcare system and an inspiring opportunity for Coloradans interested in launching a career in health care. Up to 150 AmeriCorps members will serve in-person at healthcare facilities including hospitals, residential care facilities, and clinics, as well as gain a year of hands-on experience in the healthcare field paired with leadership training, professional development, and career coaching.

AmeriCorps members serving with Healthcare Corps will receive:

  • A living allowance of $21,318 over 33 weeks ($1,292 biweekly)

  • a monthly housing stipend (equal to 75% of the fair market value of a 1bd in the host site’s county),

  • health and dental insurance,

  • access to mental health support, 

  • a monthly child care stipend, and 

  • an education award at the end of service up to $4,441.50 to repay student loans or for future education expenses (if age 55+, the education award can be transferred to a child/grandchild/foster child.)

Learn more about Colorado Healthcare Corps Here!

Colorado Healthcare Corps



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